the second single off our project is out now. ‘We Were Young’ was one of the songs that took the longest to complete as it was very much sporadically written throughout the year. due to its nature it was a difficult song to write, not for any particular technical reason but more for my own validation of wanting to articulate the emotion and love that i have for my partner, my child and myself; then feeling i had adequately done it justice (there was a lot of rewrites and binned verses). the structure of this song is very much a trio of emotion. The first verse being about myself and my journey through time and growing, the second a love letter to my son from an advisory point of view and the third about my wife and my declaration and explanation of how she, and in turn they, make me feel.

‘We Were Young’ a love letter to the two i love most.

this is ours. this is ‘We Were Young’.

a song by Ben James and Pinkyman.

4 We Were Young finaljpg

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