The Remaster Series

through the archives came 'the remaster series'. some words from Ben.

i have recently been having a sort out of my hard drives and have found a whole bunch of recordings that took me back to a place of joy. a place of excitement. some dating back to around 2008/9.

with this discovery i thought it would be fun to open some of these files and see what they were like. they were disgusting. properly awful. clearly recorded by my 18 year old self who had no fucking clue what he was doing. one night i decided to open one of these tracks, in fact it was the project of the first ‘real’ song that i had made (in the sense that it was my own beat / first beat i had ever made). i spent the next two days completely giving it a facelift and a new lease of life and hopefully transforming it into a song that now sounds the way i/we had intended them to back when it was first made.

this has spurred on a snowball affect where i am now for the want of exercising that muscle going into other recordings that i hold real sentimental value to and giving them a brand new feel. i um’d and ah’d over what to do with these projects. whether to release them. just keep them for self. if i released them at what capacity to do so. i didn’t wanna just throw something together and call it an album. i also didn’t want it to become stressful. so my thinking is that i will carry on with the journey of selecting songs to operate on as and when they happen. i decided i will upload them to streaming services but rather than an album just include them in a playlist called ‘the remaster series’. this way it can just be a continuous process with no eventual end date. with no rules or deadlines.

i’ve never been one to look back with too much focus or need for change. but this has been super fun and enjoyable experience.

on the 23.07.2021 me and my brother (BaggaBonez) will be releasing the first track of ‘the remaster series’.

i hope you enjoy.