‘The Bench’ is a song about two of my friends. I’d like to think that many hopefully experience friendship like we did; it’s not just friendship but a brotherhood, a true kinship. Possibly the last friend's home phone numbers i’ll ever remember, probably the last time i’ll truly know a friend's parents and the scent of their house, what their gardens look like and feel at home there myself. Though our circle of friends would always fluctuate through the years, especially that one particular summer, when those people came and went, we always remained a three.

i am extremely thankful to have met these two magical people at such an early age - we were all just twelve. in a time before mobile phones were in our world, ‘the bench’ was the place in our little village that we’d meet, a quick ten second phone call consisting of ‘meet you at the bench in about 5’ was all we needed. then the streets were ours. we were there.

we experienced life with one another. we had almost all our ‘firsts’ together, we got drunk for the first time, experimented with drugs, lost our virginity (not together technically for that one) , learnt to drive, moved out of our family homes and most importantly found our loves. i envy the time their partners get to spend with them and hope its filled with the same joys i had when by their sides.

we raised each other, i am me because of them.

this is ours. this is the bench.

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