i made this back in 2015. i wanted to capture a moment. a feeling.
at the tail end of finishing my project S.M.I.L.E i wanted to try something a little different.
i wanted to created something that was like a Disney meets hip hop kind of feel. a project that would explore the idea of loosing our innocents and how we should try our hardest to maintain that playful nature. that childlike imagination. out of this i made ‘second star to the right’. Neverland. a place where our minds and dreams stay young. during the time of creating this - life happened. we moved house and i had a introspective breakdown where i questioned what i was doing. who i was doing this for. i couldn’t seem to finish the project. get it to sound how i intended. a constant in my life of creativity is getting in my own way. in recently years i have hidden away and just created a shit loads of things for me. for self exploration. this was a conscious action to become better. i had become so wrapped up in the idea of expectation. chasing instant gratification and the comparative thoughts of what others were doing. i had to become free again.

this project got left behind. never forgotten.

i knuckled down to evolve and become a better artist. for myself. i recognize the results in my latest works. though as always there will always be for me a forever moving finish line toward meeting the expectations i hold for myself. as there should be in order to grow.

pretentious rant over. i just wanted to share that my project ‘second star to the right’ is a album i made 5 years ago and is not new but never released. but now i have. to some extent untouched. unedited. (i mixed and mastered only what was there) i purposely didn’t add anything new. or change any of it as i wanted to release it as intended. the authenticity of the moment it was captured in.

this is second star to the right.

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